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T&T is the supermarket which sells wide range of products under one roof. If you have a busy schedule and you cannot visit the store, Kimbino is there to help you out as it offers economical and affordable packages making your shopping easier. You can check T&T supermarket flyers of July 2024 to discover the latest rates. T&T supermarket store was opened to serve best grocery to the customers. You can search the products online and if there is any difficulty in finding any of the products online, try our nearest store locators and shop at discounted rates. The flyers and brochures make your shopping further easier.

T&T supermarket store & smart savings


The T&T supermarket is a renowned company whereby you can find any item of your choice, monthly grocery at highly affordable rates and in this way by shopping at this supermarket you can have some smart savings. The superior value is offered to you by T&T supermarket, the customer friendly environment, and discounted deals are considered best about T&T  supermarket. 

The T&T supermarket is a unique and discounted superstore which deals in wide range of household items such as food products of various kinds, oils, spices and other important kitchen ware, dry and fresh fruits, premium quality meat, laundry products, garments, bed sheets and curtains along with various items of home décor. Are you loooking for the same products for a better prices? Have a look at the offer of other shops: Walmart, Atlantic Superstore, Food Basics, Calgary Co-op, Foodland, Fortinos, FreshCo, Giant Tiger, Highland Farms and IGA.

If you don’t know which T&T store is nearest to your location, you can try this one in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Richmond, Markham and Surrey. There are some official websites which also inform the customers about the product ranges and store locations. If you fail to find on website the product you want to purchase, you can visit the official T&T site at

T&T Supermarket products - Choose your favourite one!


The store excels in the following departments:

T&T supermarket food department:
The T&T Supermarket food department allows best quality jams, jellies, yogurt and other dairy items at discounted rates. In the same way you can find variety of pickles and other spices here. if you are a sea food lover the store sells finest quality fish, prawns and crabs and at very much discounted prices. You can also buy the marinated and easy to cook meat here. The other food items such as floor, various pulses, beans, vegetables and pasta is sold along with various sales packages. You can also purchase cakes, sweets and other bakery items as well.

The T&T supermarket Home accessories:
Home accessories of high quality are available at T&T superstore which includes fine quality bed sheets, home décor items, electronics etc. you can compare the rates with other rivals and you will find the rates highly economical here. The superstore also allows sales every year where these all home accessories are sold at further reduced rates. In this way you can enjoy best quality products at tremendous discounts.

Apparels of various kinds are available at T&T supermarket; you can get premium quality fabrics, formal and casual wear semi formal wear etc. You can shop the garments of T&T supermarket from new born to adults. For ladies, lingerie and undergarments of best brands are available. The promo rates are often introduced which make the shopping of these good quality materials further easier.

T&T Supermarket Baby care products:
The baby care products are also available at T&T supermarket which range from baby pampers, toys, garments, baby toiletries etc. According to T&T supermarket flyers online you can also get the baby strollers from this store at discount.

T&T Supermarket home delivery services:
The T&T flyers are often sent home and from the information provided at these flyers you can shop online as well. The supermarket offers home delivery services as well.

T&T weekly offers at Kimbino

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