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Giant Tiger flyer from tomorrow

Giant Tiger flyer's starting tomorrow

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Giant Tiger offers weekly discounts, annual sales, and fall sales to make savings easier. Our flyers and brochures are available along with catalogues so that you can avail these amazing discounts. Check out our actual Giant Tiger flyer starting tomorrow here and save money today! Thanks to


Giant Tiger stores - a lot of products under one roof


Giant Tiger is a Canadian owned retailer which offers wide range of products at highly discounted and affordable rates allowing smart savings. The Giant Tiger strives to offer the superior value to you and your loved ones. At the stores of Giant Tiger you will find a friendly environment with highly dedicated and committed staff to help you out. As per Giant Tiger flyer of May 1, the super market is among Canadian best rated places where you can shop a lot of products under one roof. The Giant Tiger’s first store was opened in 1961 and since that time it has excelled its business and now there are as many as 250 stores in eight provinces of Canada and more than 8000 people are working with the group.

When you compare the pricing with other stores from Grocery, you might find the same product for a better price here. Try to start from any stores likes Adonis, Ample Food Market, Atlantic Superstore, Bestco Foodmart, Btrust Supermarket, Calgary Co-op, Co-op Food, Coppas Fresh Market, Costco and Farm Boy. IIf you do not know, which Giant Tiger is the closest one, you can try the stores below Winnipeg, Ottawa, Edmonton, Hamilton, London and St. Catharines. Official websites are here to inform the customers of the store and product range. So if you didn´t find on our website what you were looking for, you can visit the official website of the shop and find out availabilities of products.

Giant Tiger products - find high quality products


It is a super market which offers wide range of domestic products such as food, spices, kitchen ware, bed sheets, dry fruits, toiletries, high quality fresh meat and garments etc.

Under the Food department of Giant Tiger you can find jams, jellies, ketchup, pickles etc. The meat is sold fresh and is stored in special refrigerators so it stays fresh and hygienic. The store offers the best sea food such as fish and prawns which are often sold at discounted prices. The same way, you can get other kitchen related materials such as pasta, floor, lentils, frozen vegetables etc. Besides it all, even cakes and other sweets are available.

The Giant Tiger stores deal in high quality home accessories such as bed sheets, curtains, decoration items, electronics. The rates offered are lesser as compared to any other store located in Canada. Furthermore, in the sale events of the store, these items are sold at further discounted prices and in this way you can have the accessories of your choice at affordable range.

The garments are also available at Giant Tiger. The company deals in best fabrics, thermals, and jeans, formal wear and semi-formal wears. The collection ranges from new born to elderly people. The under garments and lingerie are also available at the store which are made up of premium quality materials to keep you fresh and healthy.

You can find baby care products as well which range from feeders to clothes and toys. You can also get baby strollers from the Giant Tiger store which has some advanced features such as multi position reclining seats, parents and child trays at front, swivel wheels with suspension. These strollers according to Giant Tiger Oshawa are best selling product of the stores.

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  • 1160 Smythe Street
  • 1168 Maple Street
  • 12 Main Street N
  • 120 Main Street
  • 120 Welland Ave
  • 1249 London Road
  • 12508-132 Avenue North West
  • 1251 Huron Street
  • 13 King Street West
  • 130 Atherley Road
  • 130 Davis Drive
  • 1300 Onondaga Street
  • 1350 16th Street East
  • 14097 Victoria Trail NW
  • 142 Albion Street South
  • 1441 Main Street
  • 145 Peter Street
  • 161 Bridge Street West
  • 165 Main Street
  • 1658 Bedford Highway
  • 183 Silvercreek Parkway North
  • 1869 Riverside Drive
  • 1875 Lansdowne Street West Unit C
  • 1933 Regent Street South
  • 20 Elizabeth Street
  • 20 Highway 20 East
  • 200 Fitch Street
  • 201 Cundles Road East
  • 20875 Dalton Road
  • 2141 Kipling Avenue
  • 215 Talbot Street East
  • 2195 Pembina Highway
  • 2208 LaSalle Boulevard
  • 225 Vermillion Road
  • 226 First Ave. Unit 1
  • 228 Chatham Street South
  • 231 Queen Street
  • 249 St-Catharines Box 219
  • 250 Taunton Road East
  • 2610 Victoria Avenue East SK
  • 2626 Victoria Avenue
  • 264 Millennium Parkway
  • 2657 Lakefield Road
  • 267-32nd Street
  • 270 Centre Street
  • 2735 Avonhurst Drive
  • 278 Lakeshore Drive
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  • 2970 Leeds and Grenville 43
  • 3 Massey Street Unit 4
  • 300 Mountain Ave
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  • 320 Coleman Street
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  • 3201-13th Avenue Unit 114
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  • 33 Cannon Street East
  • 3332 Portage Avenue
  • 345 Donald Street
  • 350 Scott Street
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  • 3531 Dutch Village Road
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  • 360 Caradoc Street South
  • 3725 56th Street
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  • 390 Springbank Drive Unit1
  • 417 Wellington Street
  • 421 Greenbrook Drive
  • 449 University Avenue
  • 4501 Tecumseh Road East
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  • 4710-17th Avenue SE
  • 4719-50th Avenue
  • 475 Granville Street North
  • 477 Huron Street
  • 507 London Street
  • 560 Exmouth Street
  • 570 Westney Road South Unit 24
  • 5892 Main Street
  • 595 Grand Avenue West
  • 598 Union Street
  • 601 Dundas Street West
  • 6081 Hazeldean Road
  • 609 Pitt Street
  • 610 East River Road
  • 639 Southdale Road East
  • 654 Notre Dame St
  • 675 15th Street West
  • 6751 50th Avenue
  • 71 Manitoba Street East
  • 720 Sackville Drive
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  • 80 Mapleton Road
  • 800 Queenston Road
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  • 811 Princess Street
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  • 9225 County Road 93
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  • Unit 112 6108-50th Street
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