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Few people leave home nowadays without their cell phone. Whether we are talking, texting, streaming videos, taking part in a zoom call or listening to music, mobile devices are a key part of our daily rituals. It can be difficult to know which service provider has the best deals, because providers are popping up everywhere. That’s why it’s always a great idea to browse the flyers on this kimbino website to compare prices. One of the providers that has a great reputation for product selection, value and package deals that are competitively priced is Koodo.

The Koodo Mobile flyer is always packed with the newest devices and the most sought-after offers. Check out the Koodo online deals in the “Koodo flyer / circulaire” flyer from May 29, 2024 here. There are always unbeatable deals and specials on cell phones, data and other mobile accessories. If you’re looking for the latest devices at the lowest prices, browse the Koodo phone deals before you shop anywhere else. Check out the latest Koodo flyer and compare with other mobile retailers.

Koodo offers Customers several amazing options when it comes to choosing phones, plans and pre-paid Koodo Mobile plans. There’s always a great deal to be found in the Koodo Flyer. You just have to keep on top of the specials. If you want to save money and are looking to upgrade your phone or trade it in for the latest version, check out the Koodo offers in the Kodoo flyer valid during June 2024 (here) and save money on something you use regularly.

Koodo Mobile offers wireless freedom at an affordable price


Koodo Mobile is a Canadian mobile brand that was created by Telus in 2008.

The unique thing about Koodo, which sets them apart from many other providers, is that they do not require that subscribers have a fixed term contract. That’s why Koodo is extremely popular among younger customers who aren’t ready to make any commitments.  Koodo also provides postpaid, prepaid, and wireless home phone services, which is a real plus for many Customers.

At Koodo, it’s all about staying connected. They firmly believe that connecting people to technology and each other, improves lives.  Providing tech solutions that make life easier and more enjoyable is what Koodo strives to do every day.

There are several perks to choosing Koodo as your provider and one of them is the ability to make choices.  Koodo’s motto is Choose Happy and they offer Customers the choice of phones, plans, deals and data that suits them best. Whatever makes you happy, makes Koodo the right choice for you.

Koodo Mobile offers every Customer a choice—choose the phone you want on the terms that are right for you.  They understand that every cell phone user has different wants and needs. Check out their special offers and you’ll see why their customer service approach sets them apart.

Visit the Koodo website or pop into a Koodo location for details.  There are Koodo Mobile outlets in cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton, Ottawa, Mississauga and Calgary. Looking for a location near you? You’ll find store locations and hours on the website. Koodo is in the Electronics & Appliances category. For information on products, plans, refurbished phones and special deals, please visit the Koodo website

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If, for some reason, you don’t find what you’re looking for in the Koodo flyer, you can check similar shops such as Best Buy, GameStop, Staples, The Source, Trail Appliances, 2001 Audio Video, Canadian Appliance Source, Factory Direct, Henry's and Visions. It pays to take advantage of every savings opportunity.

Choose Koodo Mobile as your service provider and choose happy!


Koodo carries a wide array of phones, Koodo mobile plans and prepaid offers. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your cell phone or trade it in, check out the Koodo online deals first. Be sure to browse the Koodo Mobile flyer to see how much you can save. 

Read all about the Koodo Shock-Free® Data plan too. This plan allows Customers to pause their data and never be charged overage fees. With Shock-Free® Data you are in total control of your data usage. And the best part is, it’s included on all Koodo plans.

Stay on top of the latest technology trends and research the Koodo phone deals that can save you money on your next cell phone purchase or data plan. Always browse the latest Koodo Mobile flyer (“Koodo flyer / circulaire”) to stay on top of the newest promos. And be sure to shop at Koodo for Koodo Black Friday specials too. You can always get some incredible deals on this epic ‘shop and save’ occasion.

If you’ve been wanting a  new phone, are looking to change an existing data plan or simply want all the details about what Koodo Mobile offers Canadian Customers, check out the Koodo Mobile flyer week 24 for all the Koodo mobile plans and promos.

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