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Showcase Flyer

If it’s a hot trend, it’s in the Showcase flyer!

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Looking for a cool gadget? Wondering what the next big thing will be in technology and entertainment? Check out the Showcase flyer to find out! Showcase is one of the most exciting stores to explore because they always carry on-trend gifts, gadgets and games you won’t find anywhere else.

Showcase truly is a unique retail outlet for one-of-a-kind products that everyone talks about. The “as seen on TV” product selection is featured in the Showcase store flyer, valid from Jul. 15, 2024, here. Take a peek and see what’s trending right now.

You can spend hours in the Showcase store, discovering all the latest and greatest products on the market. While Showcase offers exciting new products, they are always lowering prices and passing along great deals to consumers. Showcase updates their sales flyers weekly so there’s always an opportunity to take advantage of low prices on hot new items.

If you’re keen to save and like to be on top of the current trends, browse the Showcase flyers regularly. Don’t wait until products are sold out. Shop now and save big! 

Showcase offers a shopping experience like no other


Showcase is known as the “home of the hottest trends”. They are the world’s largest retailer of their kind with over 100 stores in North America’s most popular shopping malls.

What makes Showcase unique (in addition to their product selection) is that they promote interactive fun with Customers. When you visit a Showcase location, you can take part in product demonstrations and displays that encourage in-store trial.

Showcase offers the most fun, interactive, new, and unique products ever - all in a retail environment where you can "try it before you buy it”. The company calls it “retail-tainment”.

Founded in 1994 in Edmonton, Alberta,  Showcase now is coast-to-coast in every major market across Canada, and they are expanding in the United States.

With Showcase stores in popular Canadian cities such as Markham, Toronto, Mississauga, Sudbury or Kamloops, there’s bound to be a location that you can pop into to see what’s new. For the location of the Showcase store in your area, find Showcase in the Other category of this website. You can refer to the Showcase website if you’d like more information on their products and services.

If for some reason, you don’t find what you are looking for in the Showcase Canada flyer, be sure to check similar shops such as Petsmart, Canadian Tire, Toys’R’Us, Babies’R’Us, Peavey Mart, Princess Auto, NAPA Auto Parts, Pet Valu, Bulk Barn and Fabricland.


Shop Showcase for unique products and unbeatable value


Showcase carries a wide selection of unique and interesting products such as weighted blankets, popping puzzles, innovative beauty and exercise products, trendsetting fashions, interactive toys and so much more.

Here’s a look at some of the hottest trending products right now:

  • Fidgets (Mega Popping Square, Dumpling in a Basket)
  • Candy (Mega Slime Lickers, Hot Chocolate Bombs, Oreo Pokemon, Ramune Soda, Dalgota Cookie Challenge)
  • Toys (Happy Nappers, Trading Cards, Squishmallows. Bubble Popper Puzzle)
  • Health (exercise equipment, weighted blankets, supplements, personal massagers, copper fit)
  • Electronics (Content Creation, PHOMount Phone Holder, 2 Ft Jumbo PT Speaker)
  • Beauty (Perfect Brows, Plexaderm, CaraMia Bras)
  • Home (TapLight, Pink Stuff Miracle Cleaner, Galaxy Lamp, Cozy at Home)

Novelty items at great prices means you can treat family and friends to unique gifts without blowing a budget.  When you shop from the Showcase online flyers, you become the hero who always buys the unique gifts for everyone. Not only will Showcase products capture their attention because they are unique, the prices will capture your attention too! Showcase makes having the latest gadgets affordable.

The current Showcase weekly flyer / circulaire has fantastic deals on buzz-worthy products that are causing a social media sensation. Don’t miss out! 

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