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Today's society revolves around our mobile phones as we talk, text, listen to our favorite tunes, watch videos, record videos, listen to audio books and take pictures. Mobile devices play an important role in our lives. If you are looking for a mobile service provider or have your eye on the latest cell phone, check out the current Fido promo Jun. 17, 2024 - Jul. 15, 2024 here and discover some of the exciting Fido loyalty offers.

There are so many Fido loyalty offers June 2024 in the Fido flyer. That’s why savvy Canadian shoppers always browse the latest Fido loyalty offers when they want to save on new devices, data plans or accessories. If you want to take advantage of the promotions, you need to stay on top of the latest sales. Bookmark this kimbino site and come back regularly to flip through flyers and compare prices.

Whether it’s time to get rid of an outdated data plan or you’re surprising a family member with the latest cell phone, find out what Fido has to offer before you get locked in to an outrageous plan elsewhere. Check out the Fido special offers in the current flyer starting on Jun. 17, 2024, here and get your hands on the hottest new technology and best offers while they’re available.

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Fido Solutions is a Canadian cellular telephone service provider owned by Rogers Communications Canada.

While Fido is part of the Rogers group, it remains a separate entity from the Rogers Wireless cell phone provider, with its own retail chain, call centres, network servers and CEO.

Since Fido was first created in 1996, the company has celebrated several firsts. Fido pioneered the concept of unlimited service in select Canadian cities and they were also the first carrier in Canada to launch a GSM-based (Global Service for Mobile Communications) network and the first wireless service provider in North America to offer GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) on their network.

Famous for their use of dogs in their advertising, Fido is popular with users of all ages. Created to be a mid-range brand appealing to a younger Customer, Fido is the service provider of choice for many millennials. Fido offers unique services to differentiate themselves from competitors. They have a great selection of “Bring your own device” plans which appeals to many Customers and a new Fido promo comes out regularly.

Fido believes in being able to help Customers achieve whatever it is they want to do, see, explore, learn or create. By providing the necessary tools, technology, services and network, Fido connects Customers to the world around them.

As one of the top four largest wireless carriers in Canada, Fido is a household name across the country. You’ll find Fido locations in Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver, Edmonton and Mississauga. Looking for a Fido outlet near you? You’ll find locations and hours on the website. This mobile provider is listed in the Electronics & Appliances category. For information on products, services and Fido perks, please visit the Fido website

If, for some reason, you don’t find what you’re looking for in the Fido flyer, you can check similar shops such as Best Buy, GameStop, Staples, The Source, Trail Appliances, 2001 Audio Video, Canadian Appliance Source, Factory Direct, Henry's and Visions.

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With so many mobile providers to choose from, it makes sense to do some comparison shopping and compare prices. Fido has a loyal fan club for a number of reasons. Discover Fido deals for yourself and see why they are one of Canada’s leading mobile service providers. Check out the latest Fido promotions June 2024 and visit a retail location for additional information. There’s bound to be a Fido product and plan that’s just right for you.

There are many benefits to being a Fido Member.

  • 5 Extra hours of data:  Fido members get a data boost every month at no extra cost. That’s 5 hours of unlimited data every month.
  • Data Overage protection:  Fido will pause your data when you’ve reached 100% so you never go over or have to pay charges.
  • Fido Xtra: Every Thursday, Fido Customers enjoy new perks, deals, contests and giveaways exclusively on the Fido app.
  • A network that keeps up with you:  Fido’s LTE network covers 97% of Canadians. Plus, you can call or text over Wi-Fi, go even further with Extended Coverage from Fido and stay connected abroad with Fido Roam.
  • BYOD Plans: If you already have a phone, Fido’s value-packed plans give you all the data, talk and text you need.

Find out what promotions this popular provider is offering, in the Fido flyer week 25. Check out the current specials in the Fido flyer “Fido flyer / circulaire”. There are always amazing Fido deals you won’t want to miss.

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