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Most Canadians want to save money when feeding their families. If you want the satisfaction of getting the best deals, you’ll want to make it a point to browse the IGA weekly flyer regularly. Every IGA flyer offers shoppers a vast selection of quality products at great prices. Check out the IGA flyer May 19, 2022 here. You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see the quality of their goods and services.

A one stop shopping destination, IGA offers ready-made meals, a deli counter, in-house bakery, chocolate shop, wine boutique and coffee roaster. Be sure to compare your shopping list with the specials in the IGA flyers this week to see how much you can save. Browse the IGA circulaire May 19, 2022 right here.

IGA is part of the mega grocery chain, Sobey’s


IGA is one of several banner stores in the Sobeys grocery chain. With 194 stores, primarily located in Quebec cities such as Montreal, Quebec, Gatineau, Sherbrooke QC, Alma and Joliette, IGA is a trusted supermarket that offers a diverse selection of quality goods.

Looking for an IGA supermarket near you? You’ll find store locations and hours on the website. For information on products, recipes, etc. please visit the IGA website You’ll find IGA in the Grocery category of this site. Bookmark this page so you can always refer back to it when you want to see the latest IGA deals.

If, for some reason, you don’t find what you’re looking for in the IGA flyers, you can check similar shops such as Adonis, Ample Food Market, Atlantic Superstore, Bestco Foodmart, Btrust Supermarket, Calgary Co-op, Co-op Food, Coppas Fresh Market, Costco and Farm Boy.

IGA has so much to offer


IGA prides itself on quality products and excellent customer service, and their mission is to make every Customer’s shopping experience a pleasant one. Here are a few reasons why shoppers love IGA:

  • They offer a vast assortment of the freshest fruits and vegetables, premium grade meats and quality seafood
  • You’ll find all your pantry staples, international food selections, canned goods, frozen food, freshly baked pastries, cakes and bread, along with a deli and cheese counter, dairy section and so much more.
  • They have a wonderful selection of prepared meals for breakfasts, lunch or family dinners. You can grab on-the-go lunches such as paninis, burgers, sushi and wraps. They also offer family size and individual desserts.
  • Their website features delicious recipes, food inspiration and food preparation tips
  • They have a convenience counter where you can pick up a variety of meals, snacks and drinks for the Customer on-the-go.
  • They offer AirMiles reward points
  • You can join the Prix Club for those who want to purchase in bulk. When you buy big, you save big.
  • IGA has an Alcoholic Beverage section, selling a selection of local and international beers, ciders and wine
  • Their website features an online recipe collection
  • They share Food inspiration on their website, with wonderful tips on everything from cooking with frozen food, to choosing the most sustainably sourced seafood products
  • They care about the environment. One IGA store grows their produce on their store roof!

You can count on IGA for some of the lowest prices on everyday essentials. Stay on top of the best deals. Check out the current online IGA flyer IGA flyer / circulaire and compare prices with other retailers. Be sure to come back to this site to browse the IGA flyer next week as well.

Be sure to refer to the latest IGA flyer week 21 to see what the current promotions are.

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  • 1015 rue du Basilic
  • 10250 chemin Sainte-Marguerite
  • 1035 boulevard Wilfrid Hamel
  • 1069 Chemin du Gros Cap, L'Étang-du-Nord
  • 10760 avenue Millen
  • 11130 rue Meighen
  • 112 rue Georges
  • 1130 rue Saint-Cyrille
  • 1155 rue Jarry Est
  • 1177 8ième Rue
  • 1205 rue De Neuville
  • 1221 boulevard Marcotte
  • 1234 rue Du Pont
  • 1248 boulevard La Vérendrye Est
  • 1300 boulevard Sainte-Adèle
  • 1305 rue Sainte-Marguerite
  • 134 boulevard Saint-Michel
  • 1401 chemin Chambly
  • 1500 rue Atwater
  • 1501 rue Jacques-Bédard
  • 1580 chemin Saint-Louis
  • 17010 boulevard Henri Bourassa
  • 1716 route 105
  • 190 rue du collège
  • 191 boul. Irving
  • 1950 boulevard Dionne
  • 200 route 138
  • 203 boulevard Curé-Labelle
  • 203 boulevard des Grives
  • 203 chemin Aylmer
  • 2105 5ième Avenue
  • 2260 rue Saint-Charles
  • 2300 boulevard Père-Lelièvre
  • 2340 boulevard Rosemont
  • 240 avenue Larivière
  • 255 chemin Sainte-Foy
  • 26 boulevard Des Îles
  • 2600 rue Mullins
  • 2600 rue Ontario Est
  • 265 rue Child
  • 299 boulevard Sir Wilfrid-Laurier
  • 30 Place du Commerce
  • 3100 rue Henri-L.-Chevrette
  • 318 boulevard Saint-Luc
  • 3265 rue King Ouest
  • 335 chemin Du Hibou
  • 335 rue Main
  • 3373 rue de l'Hêtrière
  • 339 avenue Sainte-Brigitte
  • 3700 rue du Campanile
  • 371 avenue Victoria
  • 3950 boulevard Guillaume-Couture
  • 3964 rue Notre-Dame Ouest
  • 420 2ième Avenue
  • 425 boulevard Saint-Joseph
  • 435 9ième Avenue
  • 4500 rue Wellington
  • 4540 route de Fossambault
  • 455 boulevard Greber
  • 455 boulevard Jean-Paul-Vincent
  • 4885 rue Van Horne
  • 50 rue Bourgeoys
  • 5000 rue Beaubien Est
  • 5114 avenue Royale
  • 5144 rue Bannantyne
  • 525 rue Principale
  • 5445 rue Laurier Ouest
  • 560 boulevard Bois-Francs Sud
  • 5800 boulevard Cavendish
  • 59 route Campagna
  • 6060 boulevard Jean XXIII
  • 615 boulevard Dieppe
  • 6185 chemin de Saint-Élie
  • 6675 boulevard Monk
  • 680 avenue Chaussé
  • 70 rue Principale
  • 714 boulevard Saint-Laurent Ouest
  • 7151 chemin de la Côte Saint-Luc
  • 720 montée Paiement
  • 771 avenue Royale
  • 795 boulevard Du Lac
  • 7975 rue Hochelaga
  • 81 chemin de Lavaltrie
  • 825 4 ieme Avenue
  • 825 boulevard Yvon-L'Heureux
  • 850 7ième Avenue
  • 851 route Principale
  • 865 rue Sainte-Catherine Est
  • 900 rue Saint-Zotique Est
  • 911 150ième Rue
  • 960 chemin Herron
  • 972 chemin Des Hauteurs
  • Complexe Desjardins
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