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Life is a constant celebration. Raise a glass of good cheer with your favourite beverage from the LCBO flyer. Special occasions call for gifts of bubbly, bottles of wine or specialty beers. There’s something for everyone in the LCBO sales flyer. Discover the variety and the savings. Check out the current LCBO weekly flyer Mar. 01, 2024 here.

Watch for LCBO offers on beer, wine, coolers, liqueurs and spirits. Next time you’re entertaining, going to a backyard BBQ, bringing a hostess a bottle of her favourite wine or grabbing a case of coolers for the cottage, check out the LCBO flyers first to see what the deals are. 

Every LCBO weekly flyer features new promotions so make sure to check the latest flyer before you shop. The party starts the moment you save! Bookmark this kimbino website and check back regularly to see what the LCBO has on special.

Get the celebration started early with a stop at the LCBO


The LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) is the one-stop destination of Ontario shoppers looking for a vast selection of the world’s best wines, beers and spirits under one roof. This Ontario government enterprise offers more than 28,000 products annually to individuals and licensed establishments.

Looking for a vintage wine you’ve been hearing great things about, or a cooking wine you saw being used in a recipe?  Always check the LCBO flyers first for the best prices and a huge selection. You can find an LCBO in all major cities in Ontario such as Scarborough, Bowmanville, Toronto, Mississauga or Maple. 

If you want more information about the LCBO products, visit the LCBO website If for some reason you do not find what you are looking for in an LCBO sales flyer, try similar retailers from the Other category on this Kimbino website. 

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At the LCBO, you can be sure that variety is the spice of life. From vintages to shots, there’s something for the casual drinker to the wine connoisseur. The LCBO is a great source for refreshments during sporting events, camping trips, backyard parties and romantic dinners. A bottle of wine is a thoughtful anniversary or hostess gift, and a quality bottle of cognac makes a nice retirement gift.

The LCBO website provides great tips on wine pairing and features wonderful recipes to try with alcohol as the flavour-enhancing ingredient. At the LCBO online and in-store, you can find out about vintage wines, discover new cocktails, obtain advice from a knowledgeable staff member or pick up a copy of the Food & Drink magazine. It features fabulous articles as well as mouth-watering recipes to try.

The LCBO is more than just a wine and beer store. Here’s a look at the variety of beverages you can find at the LCBO:

  • Wines (Red, White, Rose, Sparkling, Champagne, Dessert Wines, Sake & Rice Wine, Fortified Wine, Ice Wine, Online Exclusives)
  • Spirits (Whisky, Liqueur, Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Gin, Cognac, Brandy, Grappa, Soju)
  • Coolers (Hard Seltzers, Hard Teas, Traditional Coolers, Light Coolers, Caesars, Cocktails, Frozen Pouches, Cream-Based, Shots)
  • Beers & Ciders (Lager, Ale, Cider, Non-Alcoholic, Specialty)
  • Vintages

There is definitely something for everyone at the LCBO. Even those who don’t drink have plenty of non-alcohol choices. Check out the latest LCBO offers in the “LCBO Spring 2024” flyer and see how you can save money. With the LCBO, you can buy in bulk or purchase single bottles or cans if you want to experiment with different beverages. Cheers!

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