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The one stop shop for pet lovers and their furry friends

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Whether you own a pet, or two (or three), there’s always so much to explore at Petsmart that you don’t even need an excuse to shop there. They always have the cutest outfits, the best chew toys, the most luxurious dog beds - everything you can think of for pets of all shapes and sizes, is available at Petsmart.

Whether the love of your life is a dog, cat, hamster or goldfish, pets are family members that deserve spoiling. Every Petsmart flyer is packed with unbeatable deals on adorable dog collars, bird baths, fish food, treats and toys for any animal. The Petsmart Canada flyer always features amazing prices and super offers on a wide variety of pet supplies under one roof. Check the specials in the Petsmart sales flyer Dec. 27, 2021 here and discover why Petsmart is a friendly meeting spot and go-to pet warehouse for animal lovers of all ages.

Petsmart understands that caring for your pets can be expensive and they always find great ways to pass savings along to their Customers with a Petsmart sale. Check for special promos in the Petsmart flyer Dec. 27, 2021 here and take advantage of their deals on brand name products and merchandise for your furry, finned or feathered sidekick.

PetSmart is your new best friend, offering the best prices!


Petsmart offers thousands of pet products that allow pet owners to care for their pals through every stage of life. Share the love with your pets and Petsmart will share the savings with you so you can reap the rewards of having a pet to love.

There are over 1600 Petsmart locations in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico, including Canadian cities such as Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Winnipeg. If you’re wondering where the closest Petsmart is to you, you can find store locations and hours on the website. Petsmart is in the Other category. For information on products, adoption services, grooming, training sessions and more, please visit the Petsmart website

If, for some reason, you don’t find what you’re looking for in the Petsmart flyer this week, you can check similar shops such as Aliexpress, Babies’R’Us, Bulk Barn, Canadian Tire, Chapters Indigo, Dollarama, Fabricland, Henry's, LCBO and London Drugs.It pays to take advantage of every savings opportunity in the Petsmart flyer, so you can spend the money that you save, on treats for your pet!

Save on everything for your pet in the PetSmart Flyer!


Founded in 1986, Petsmart is the largest specialty pet retailer of services and solutions for the lifetime needs of pets. They provide Canadian pet owners with all the essentials to raise healthy, happy pets from babies to seniors. Every Petsmart store is packed with aisle after aisle of accessories and toys, food, habitats, grooming tools, outdoor and indoor pens, safety harnesses, luxurious bedding and even clothes to dress your little friends up.

You’ll find all of the top pet brands at Petsmart such as Royal Canin, Hill’s Science Diet, Simply Nourish and Blue Buffalo. They carry dry, canned, fresh and frozen foods to suit any diet and every budget. Petsmart services include training sessions, doggy daycare, a pet’s hotel, grooming salon, adoption clinics and a Petsmart charity. They even have a Petsmart Treats program that rewards regular Customers for their loyalty with pet treats or discounts on their orders.

In addition to a pet spa and daycare program, you can adopt your new best friend in many Petsmart locations Then you can bring them back for training classes right in the store. And if that’s not enough, your pet is welcome to accompany you on a shopping trip to any Petsmart location. 

The Petsmart Petsmart Monthly Flyer flyer has amazing promotions and great prices on a variety of pet supplies. Treat your pets like royalty and stock up on their favourite treats. Refer to the Petsmart flyer week 04, now and surprise your pet with something special.

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  • 75 Gunns Road Unit 103
  • 787 Memorial Ave.
  • 79 Wyse St. #400
  • 81-4307-130 Ave
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