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Atlantic Superstore

Atlantic Superstore

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For many Canadians on the east coast, shopping at the Atlantic Superstore is a familiar ritual. They make it a point to browse every superstore weekly flyer to make their grocery list and take advantage of the best deals.

When it comes to community pride and offering Customers in Atlantic Canada amazing savings, Atlantic Superstore is the go-to source for quality, selection and value. There’s always a sensational range of specials for all in every Superstore flyer. Check out the current promos featured in the superstore Atlantic flyer Jun. 13, 2024 which you can browse here.

Atlantic Superstore leaflets are always packed with amazing offers and deals. You’ll find the biggest savings on items such as meats, vegetables, baked goods, deli specials, snacks, dairy and pantry items. Of course, you can also trust Atlantic superstore for the freshest seafood and the everyday essentials that most Canadians need such as pet supplies, baby products and health and wellness products. Check out the Atlantic Superstore flyer online preview Jun. 13, 2024 right here.

Atlantic Superstore - everything you could possibly want beneath one roof


You may not be aware, but Atlantic Superstore is part of the Loblaws chain. They supply Canadians in the Atlantic provinces with food, clothing, health and wellness, as well as home décor items. Check out the Superstore weekly flyer to see what we mean. You’ll notice everything from the latest Joe Fresh apparel to the freshest seafood and daily baked goods.

There are 54 Atlantic Superstore locations in the Maritimes, serving Canadians in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI. Like the many stores in the Loblaws nationwide chain, Atlantic Superstore is owned by George Weston Limited through Loblaw Companies Limited and operates under a division of Loblaws called Atlantic Wholesalers. They strive to offer the very best service and highest food quality through their commitment to excellence, freshness and satisfaction. The Atlantic Superstore “taste anything” commitment means shoppers are encouraged to try before they buy.

A trusted grocery chain throughout the Atlantic provinces in cities such as Toronto, Mississauga, Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal and Winnipeg, Atlantic Superstore is renowned for value and quality. Wondering if there is an Atlantic Superstore near you? You’ll find store locations and hours on the website. For information on products, services, recipes and more, please visit the Atlantic Superstore website

Atlantic Superstore is in the Grocery category of this site. Bookmark this page so you can always refer back to it when you want to see the latest Superstore this week flyer.

If you’re not able to find the specials you’re looking for in the Atlantic Superstore flyer, you can check similar shops such as Walmart, Food Basics, Calgary Co-op, Foodland, Fortinos, FreshCo, Giant Tiger, Highland Farms, IGA and Independent Grocer.It pays to take advantage of every opportunity to save money.

East Coasters love all that Atlantic Superstore has to offer


There’s something special about living in Canada’s Atlantic provinces. Shoppers have specific needs and food preferences. For one, they’re particular about their seafood and fish, especially in provinces that are known for fishing. The Atlantic Superstore is the grocery store of choice for many Customers in Atlantic Canada. But it’s also the store of choice for so many other items. Atlantic Superstore carries Home and Décor items, Baby Items such as baby seats and strollers, Patio, BBQ & Garden items, Pet Supplies, Health & Beauty, Toys, Games & Hobbies, Computers & Electronics, Office & School Supplies, Apparel & Accessories. Check out the Atlantic Superstore this week flyer and you’ll discover why it makes sense to shop at Atlantic Superstore if you want to save money.

In addition to all the amazing specials in the Atlantic superstore leaflet, they also have incredible services for shoppers. Most locations have an Optician, Pharmacy, Dietician and Medical Clinic. With a focus on the products and services that Customers need and want, Atlantic superstore offers exclusive brands such as President’s Choice. The President’s Choice label covers many product categories. Take advantage of their online only offers, or visit a store directly for in-store specials. From groceries to fashion items, pharmacy essentials to home accents, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for at Atlantic Superstore. The current Atlantic Superstore Atlantic Superstore weekly flyer / circulaire flyer is packed with great offers you won’t want to miss.

Be sure to sit down with your shopping list to compare prices and see what the Atlantic Superstore has on sale. You can refer to the latest Atlantic Superstore flyer week 24 or the best deals. Check this website regularly and browse the grocery flyers so you never miss an opportunity to save. Happy shopping!

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