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There are few people in the world who have not heard of Avon. Avon is an iconic beauty giant and has been selling quality beauty products around the globe for over a century. The Avon product line started as fragrances only and now includes fashions, wellness products, vitamins, essential oils, jewellery and home décor. If you need something for your family, Avon is sure to have it in the Avon Brochure.

Check out the Avon Canada catalog June 2024 here. At Avon, their reputation for product quality goes hand in hand with their reputation for value. Every Avon catalog, special flyer or leaflet includes “lowest prices ever”, “buy one, get one” offers and “special introductory prices” that are significantly lower than their regular catalog price.

Browse the latest Avon Catalog for Canada and see what’s new in the Avon current campaign online.  

Avon has a rich history of bringing beauty to Canadian households for over 130 years


In 1885, book salesman David McConnell began providing complimentary fragrance samples to Customers who made a book purchase. The fragrance samples were so popular that a beauty business quickly replaced his book business and that was the start of the California Perfume Company, which later became known as Avon.

There are no brick and mortar Avon stores. This company was the first direct seller, with a sales force consisting of Independent Sales Representatives who run their businesses virtually and face-to-face.  There are Avon Representatives around the world and across Canada in cities such as Vaughan.

You’ll find the Avon current campaign brochure in the Health & Beauty section on this website.

To find an Avon Independent Representative in your area, or to become one, please visit the Avon Canada website

If, for some reason, you don’t find what you’re looking for in an Avon Brochure, you can check similar shops such as Brunet, Jean Coutu, Mary Kay, Rexall, London Drugs, Shoppers, Uniprix, Sephora, Bath & Body Works and Pharmaprix.

Avon offers beautiful products at beautiful prices


Did you know that Avon was a pioneer in the direct selling industry? This iconic company was the first one to offer women an opportunity to earn an independent income 34 years before women in the US had a right to vote.

Today, Avon continues to promote networking with other women, building each other up, inspiring and rewarding sales success. In addition to their legendary brands and products such as Skin-So-Soft, Rich Moisture, Imari and Wild Country, Avon is known for their commitment to supporting women’s health and safety through the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade and Avon’s Speak Out Against Domestic Violence initiative.

A trusted brand that has always been at the forefront of research and development, Avon offers everything from day cream to eye liner, hair care, fashions, household cleaning products and vegan products too.

Don’t miss an opportunity to try the latest skin care or beauty innovation. Check out the latest Avon Canada catalog (“Avon - Brochure Campaign”) and take advantage of the promotions. Save on Avon products for yourself, your family or to give as gifts. They have lovely gift sets for all occasions.

Refer to the latest Avon Brochure today and discover why Avon remains a leader in the beauty industry globally.

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