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Attention Canadian bookworms… if you love reading, the one title that should move to the top of your must-read list is the Chapters Indigo flyer. Browse the Indigo flyer Canada for specials on every book title you can imagine. Chapters Indigo offers top selling books, best-selling educational toys for the little ones, electronics, paper supplies, unique desk gadgets, baby items, home décor, cooking and serving ware and health and wellness products. Browse the Chapters Indigo online flyer May 20, 2024 here and see how many fabulous products this popular store has to offer. You might be pleasantly surprised at the vast selection of items that aren’t even books!

Every Indigo flyer Canada features good deals on books for the entire family. Pick up the latest best seller and grab a new book to read at story time. There is no greater joy than reading, especially when you pass that activity along to your children. Always stay on top of the current specials. Check out the Chapters Indigo flyer this week May 20, 2024 here.

Chapters Indigo is Canada’s biggest book store!


Did you know that Chapters Indigo is the largest book retailer in Canada? It’s true! No wonder so many Canadian readers love visiting Chapters for their exceptional selection. There’s a Chapters book store in every province across the country. You’ll find Chapters in cities such as Saskatoon, Regina, Calgary, Scarborough, Ottawa and Laval. If you’re wondering which location is closest to you, you can find store addresses and hours on this website. Chapters is in the Other category.

For information on Chapters vast selection of products and services, please visit the Indigo Chapters website

If, for some reason, you don’t find what you’re looking for in the Chapters Indigo weekly flyer, you can check similar shops such as Petsmart, Canadian Tire, Toys’R’Us, Babies’R’Us, Peavey Mart, Princess Auto, NAPA Auto Parts, Pet Valu, Showcase and Bulk Barn.

A warm welcome and a good book await you at Chapters


Indigo always provides a warm welcome. Pull up a chair—there are many cozy reading corners available at Chapters. You can even visit the in-store Starbucks and enjoy a coffee while reading a book, or purchase the book and the coffee and take them home to enjoy later.

It pays to shop the Chapters Indigo flyer for the latest releases. If there’s an older book you’ve been wanting to read or a classic that you’d like to purchase as a gift, you can ask the friendly Chapters staff to search the title for you to see if it’s in stock. Or you can do it yourself, by typing the title into their in-store computers. This is a great system if you know the author but forget the title of a book you want, or vice versa.

In addition to the books you can physically purchase from Chapters, you can also buy KOBO e-readers. Chapters sells electronics too. Need new headphones? How about a fitness tracker, the latest health monitor, a laptop bag or a turntable? It’s all available at Chapters. That’s why the Chapters Indigo weekly flyer is a great source of gift ideas. You can even buy gift wrap and a greeting card to go with it.

Smart shoppers take advantage of every opportunity to save at Chapters by checking for updated Indigo Flyer Canada regularly. Just think - the money you save on your book purchases now just means you have more money for shopping at Chapters, later!

Check the Chapters Indigo flyer Chapters Indigo flyer / circulaire now to see what the current promos are. Every flyer is packed with great savings, so you’re bound to find amazing deals. Plus, if you shop at Chapters regularly (and even if you don’t), you can ask for a Plum Rewards Card and start earning points on every dollar you spend at Chapters. Redeem your points and save money on future purchases.

Why not refer to the Chapters Indigo flyer week 22 to see what’s on special and treat yourself to a book or two?

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