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When Canadian shoppers are looking for essentials like tools, household products, batteries and eyeglass cleaner, they trust Dollarama to have the best deal. Everything in the store is priced to be an incredible bargain. Whether you are looking for snacks for the kids’ lunches, hardware supplies or gift wrap, Dollarama is bound to have what you’re looking for. It’s the ultimate store for an unbelievable selection of affordable, everyday items, many priced at just one dollar.

Every Dollarama store is packed with great savings on a variety of products for the entire family. You can purchase dinner dishes, paper towels, brand name cleaning products, and more, all at incredible low prices. Check out the specials in the Dollarama flyer from Jul. 07, 2024, here.

When you shop at Dollarama, you save on good quality merchandise, at great prices.  Browse the Dollarama catalogue and discover why so many Canadian shoppers visit Dollarama before they shop at other retailers. It pays to shop at Dollarama, where you can get a huge quantity of items at a fraction of the cost.

Shop at Dollarama where every dollar counts


Dollarama was founded in 1992 by a Canadian entrepreneur named Larry Rossy. Dollarama is a household name. There are over 1400 Dollarama stores across Canada in every Canadian province. You’ll find Dollarama locations in cities such as Calgary, Toronto, Montreal, Mississauga or Victoria.

Dollarama’s mission is to offer Canadians compelling value on goods they use regularly. Shop Dollarama for pet supplies, pantry staples, home and garden tools, paint supplies, electronics, stationery or baby essentials. Browse the Dollarama flyers before any shopping trip to see how much you can save by planning ahead. You don’t have to wait until Dollarama Black Friday to enjoy great bargains. Every day is the perfect day to save at Dollarama.

With a solid reputation across the country, and a loyal following of savvy shoppers, Dollarama is Canada’s largest retailer of items that cost four dollars or less.

If you’d like to find the location and store hours of the closest Dollarama to your home, check the Other section on this website. For company and investor information, please visit Dollarama’s official website

If, for some reason, you don’t find what you’re looking for in a Dollarama circulaire, you can check similar shops such as Petsmart, Canadian Tire, Toys’R’Us, Babies’R’Us, Peavey Mart, Princess Auto, NAPA Auto Parts, Pet Valu, Showcase and Bulk Barn


Dollarama stretches your dollar so you can stock up for less


The best place to see how far your hard earned dollars go is Dollarama. Dollarama offers customers unbeatable value on a huge assortment of general merchandise, consumables and seasonal items.  

Here’s a list of just a few of the categories of products you can purchase at Dollarama:

  • Home (hand towels, oven mitts, picture frames and more)
  • School & Office (staples, bulletin boards, memo pads, pens, envelopes and more)
  • Health & Beauty (makeup remover, fragrances, shampoo, toothpaste and more)
  • Cleaning (household cleaners, dish soap, scrubbers, mops and more)
  • Kitchen (dinner plates, glasses, salt & pepper shakers, baking pans and more)
  • Food (chocolate bars, cookies, gravy mix, pasta noodles, spices and more)
  • Hardware (paint brushes, screwdrivers, work gloves, batteries, door handles and more)
  • Pets (food, dishes, leashes, treats and more)
  • Toys (books, stickers, games, balls and more)
  • Electronics (earbuds, mini lights, music supplies, headphones and more)
  • Party (serving platters, plastic bowls, napkins, giftwrap, balloons, candles and more)

While most Customers purchase Dollarama items individually, you can also purchase products in bulk at fixed prices. This makes Dollarama an ideal shop when entertaining or holding an event for a school or organization. You can get everything from decorations to prizes, napkins, and serving dishes. Browse the current “Dollarama flyer / circulaire” flyer today and start adding up the savings.

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