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The best way to achieve your health and wellness goals without paying a fortune is to turn to Jean Coutu for all your health and wellness products. There are always great deals to be had in the Jean Coutu flyer. Jean Coutu offers an extensive collection of products at some of the lowest prices around. Every Jean Coutu circulaire provides Customers with incredible selection and value. Check out the Jean Coutu flyer for this week (valid from Jul. 18, 2024) here and discover the exciting promotions that are happening right now.

When you shop at Jean Coutu, you’re sure to find amazing specials on a variety of health, wellness and beauty products. You’ll also find everyday food essentials such as milk, cereal, coffee, frozen goods and household products. Always browse the Jean Coutu flyer for the specials because there are good deals to be had when you shop the sales. The Jean Coutu weekly flyer is a great place to start when you need any pharmaceutical products or you are running low on vitamins or personal care products.

At Jean Coutu, they put your health and well being first


The Jean Coutu story began in 1969 when Mr. Jean Coutu opened his first pharmacy. The Jean Coutu concept was unique at the time—the pharmacy combined pharmaceuticals and related retail merchandise and offered them at large discounts in establishments that also had extended business hours.

The Jean Coutu Group Inc. is a subsidiary of METRO Inc.  This popular Canadian drugstore chain has more than 400 franchised locations that operate under the PJC Jean Coutu, PJC Clinique and PJC Sante banners in Eastern Canada cities such as Montreal, Laval, Gatineau, Longueuil, Saguenay and Repentigny.

Jean Coutu offers a huge selection of products from health and wellness, to beauty, electronics, toys and more. At Jean Coutu, you get high quality merchandise without the high price tag.

Be sure to browse the Jean Coutu flyers regularly to discover promotions before you pop in to the store. If you’re looking for a Jean Coutu near you, along with store hours, check the Health & Beauty category on this Kimbino website. For more detailed company information, please visit their official website

If, for some reason, you don’t find what you’re looking for in a Jean Coutu flyer, be sure to check similar shops such as Avon, Brunet, Mary Kay, Rexall, London Drugs, Shoppers, Uniprix, Sephora, Bath & Body Works and Pharmaprix

Jean Coutu offers quality, selection and value


Feel a cold coming on? Need more body wash? Time for a refill on your prescription? Head over to Jean Coutu flyer for this week. Running out of toothpaste? Need personal care products or pantry staples? You’re sure to find what you’re looking for at Jean Coutu. When you visit a Jean Coutu store or shop online, you’re sure to walk away with more than you went looking for. That’s because Jean Coutu has so many great products at prices that are too good to pass up. It pays to shop at Jean Coutu when you want to save money on items you use regularly.

Jean Coutu is so much more than a pharmacy. In addition to selling health products such as cold and cough remedies, thermometers, ointments and an extensive selection of medication for all your family’s needs, Jean Coutu offers an amazing array of beauty products including natural and organic brands. You’ll find luxury gift sets for self purchase or special gift-giving occasions. Jean Coutu sells baby products and household essentials too. Check out the latest Jean Coutu circulaire so you don't miss out on a discount on any of these products.

Along with an incredible product selection, Jean Coutu services are exceptional. You can access a personalized health record through their online tools, have your prescription filled online, be notified of offers that may interest you, be reminded of medications, follow a weight management program, have your blood pressure checked or get a blood glucose report. You can also access valuable health and beauty tips and have your medications delivered to your home if you are unable to pick them up.

Start taking advantage of all the great deals and fabulous services offered by Jean Coutu by checking out the latest Jean Coutu weekly flyer / circulaire right now.

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