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It pays to shop at Valu-Mart!

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If you’re looking for one store that sells everything you need from clothing to groceries at affordable prices, you might want to consider shopping at Valu-Mart. Take a peek at the Valu mart flyer this week and you’ll quickly see why Canadians trust Valu-Mart for quality and amazing deals. Before you go shopping, browse the Valumart flyer December here to see what the specials are. Check the promos in the Valumart Canada flyer now, as promotions are constantly changing. Every shopper wants to know that they are getting the most for their money. Join the savvy Canadians who make it a point to scan the circulaire Valu mart before they make a purchase. 

Valu-Mart is part of the Loblaws family. Smart shoppers make Valu-Mart their one-stop shop for a wide array of grocery items at prices that blow the competition away. You should too! Every week, the Valu Mart weekly flyer features amazing deals on food items like fresh fruit and vegetables, cheese, cold cuts, canned goods and frozen food. Be sure to check out the Valumart flyer December right now. You’re bound to find the lowest prices on some of the key staples this week. Valu Mart always has incredible promos. And the Valumart flyer is always featuring exciting new promotions.

Ontario shoppers trust Valu-Mart for variety and value


Imagine finding the perfect supermarket that also offered home décor, beauty and health care needs, electronics, clothing and more. That’s what it’s like shopping at Valu-Mart! There are over 70 Valu-Mart stores throughout Ontario in cities such as Toronto, Kitchener, Sudbury, Barrie, London and North Bay. One peek inside a Valu mart flyer and you’ll see why so many customers love shopping there.

Looking for a Valu-Mart near you? You’ll find store locations and hours on the website. Valu-Mart can be found in the Grocery category. For information on products, services, recipes, etc. please visit the Valu-Mart website

If, for some reason, you don’t find what you’re looking for in the Valumart Canada flyer, you can check similar shops such as Adonis, Ample Food Market, Atlantic Superstore, Bestco Foodmart, Btrust Supermarket, Calgary Co-op, Co-op Food, Coppas Fresh Market, Costco and Farm Boy. It pays to take advantage of every savings opportunity. And when you shop at Valu-Mart, you can be sure that you’ll have many opportunities to save. One look at the Valumart flyer and you’ll see why so many people shop at this store.

Valu-Mart packs savings into every weekly flyer


Join the Ontario shoppers who regularly scan the Valu Mart flyers for specials. Be sure to visit this site regularly and take a moment to flip through the most up to date Valu-Mart Valu Mart flyer / circulaire flyer to find out what’s on sale. If you appreciate a good deal and want to save money when grocery shopping, make it a point to stay on top of the weekly deals.

As with most other stores in the Loblaws chain, you’ll find these great products and services at Valu-Mart: 

  • An amazing selection of food: you’ll find national and international specialties as well as everyday grocery essentials
  • Baby Items such as toys, diapers, accessories, nursing and feeding supplies
  • Home and Living items: small kitchen appliances, household cleaning supplies, dining essentials like dishes and serve ware, home décor and bath items
  • Patio, BBQ & Garden items: Grills & Outdoor cooking, Patio Furniture & Accessories, Fire Pits & Heaters, Outdoor Décor, Insect & Pest Control, Gardening tools, Lawn Mowers and Accessories, Pool & Hot Tub accessories, Backyard Wildlife supplies
  • Pet Supplies: everything needed for birds, cats, dogs and other family pets
  • Health & Beauty: bath & body products, fragrance, makeup, health care, nutrition and wellness
  • Toys, Games & Hobbies: Building Sets & Blocks, Educational toys, party supplies, stuffed animals & toys, vehicles, children’s electronics
  • Computers & Electronics: batteries, video games & consoles, automotive electronics

In addition, most Valu-Mart locations also offer a Pharmacy and Prescription Management services.

Make it a point to shop around when you want to save on your grocery bill and do most of your shopping in one location. Check out the current Valu mart flyerthis week 48 before going shopping so you can nab the best prices. Happy shopping!

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  • 125 John Street North
  • 125 Stewart Boulevard
  • 134 Main Street
  • 1500 Bayview Avenue
  • 1551 Hwy 55
  • 179 Wortley Rd
  • 215 Main Street
  • 2266 Queen St. East
  • 234 Oxford Street
  • 235 Gore Road
  • 2399 Lakeshore Blvd.
  • 24 Amanda Street
  • 277 King Street
  • 320 Main Street
  • 3259 Bayview Avenue
  • 345 Notre Dame St.
  • 385 Frederick Street
  • 40 Meredith Street East
  • 40 Third Avenue PO Box 40
  • 42 Matthew Street PO Box 457
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  • 612 Main Street RR # 1
  • 710 Kemsley Drive
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  • 83 Underhill
  • 985 Woodbine Ave
  • Bridgenorth Plaza 871 Ward St.
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