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Walmart Kelowna (Black Friday) | Flyer from Nov. 30, 2023


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Walmart Kelowna: The Heartbeat of Shopping in British Columbia's Orchard City

Nestled amidst the pristine waters of Okanagan Lake, Kelowna is often dubbed the 'Orchard City' for its lush vineyards and bountiful fruit harvests. Parallel to this abundant nature, Walmart Kelowna emerges as the town's modern-day cornucopia, bursting with diverse products and unmatched value.

As Kelowna thrives on its wineries and cultural festivals, Walmart resonates with the city's spirit, offering everything from daily essentials to the latest tech gadgets. It's more than a store; it's a shopping haven for Kelowna's vibrant community.

Those eager to know about store timings or the specifics of the Kelowna branch, all details have been meticulously curated in the section above. Additionally, for a deeper look into Walmart's wide-ranging products and loyalty program, one can visit their official digital platform

Indulge in Savings with Walmart Kelowna's Current Flyer

Gear up for an avalanche of savings starting Nov. 30, 2023 with the new Walmart Kelowna's flyer. It's your gateway to a treasure trove of deals and enticing offers. Dive into "Walmart weekly flyer / circulaire" by clicking right here, and gear up for a shopping spree that's kind on your wallet.

Walmart Kelowna promises a retail experience that mirrors the city's richness.With a vast array of products and services, Walmart Kelowna aims to serve every facet of the community's lifestyle. From seasonal local fruits that celebrate the Orchard City's essence to cutting-edge gadgets that resonate with the tech-savvy population, the store offers something for everyone. Health and wellness enthusiasts will find organic choices, while fashion aficionados will delight in the trendy clothing selections. And for those seeking everyday value, the extensive grocery and household sections offer a plethora of choices.

Kimbino: Your Trusted Shopping Companion in Kelowna

With Kimbino at the helm, your shopping journey in Kelowna transforms into a seamless, informed experience. We spotlight the finest deals at Walmart Kelowna, guaranteeing value at every turn.

The expedition doesn't end at Walmart. You can also explore other leading retailers within the Grocery category,such as Atlantic Superstore, Food Basics, Calgary Co-op, Foodland, Fortinos, FreshCo, Giant Tiger, Highland Farms, IGA and Independent Grocer,  further enriching your Kelowna shopping adventure.

Venture to to witness an array of the newest flyers and captivating deals, spanning not only Walmart but a plethora of stores across Kelowna. With us as your guide, each shopping quest becomes an enriching odyssey.

Celebrate a fusion of tradition, modernity, and unparalleled savings with Kimbino and Walmart, right at the heart of Kelowna, British Columbia.


Walmart Kelowna Black Friday 2023

Black Friday shopping holiday is here and has arrived also at Walmart Kelowna. Check out our special offer on Black Friday 2023 in the new Walmart flyer! The latest flyer named Walmart weekly flyer / circulaire is valid from Nov. 30, 2023 - Dec. 06, 2023. Don't miss out great Black Friday discounts at Walmart Kelowna. In the category Grocery you will also find many other leaflets for Black Friday. If you are going to buy Christmas Gifts in advance and are looking for inspiration, check out all the Black Friday promotional leaflets and save. Kimbino brings you an overview of the best discounts on Black Friday.


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