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Easter 2022 with Kimbino

Spring is just around the corner and Easter is a special holiday that is celebrated with enthusiasm by young and old alike. For many, this religious celebration is accompanied by specialty foods and traditions. No matter how you choose to celebrate Easter 2022, you’re sure to find everything you need in each flyer on the Kimbino site.

Do you serve ham on Easter Sunday? Check out your favourite flyer for specials. Need cheese and potatoes for your grandmother’s pierogi dish? There’s bound to be Easter sales and unbeatable deals in the many flyers and circulaires featured right here. Perhaps you want to find the best savings on Easter bunnies, candies, baskets or décor. No matter which flyer or circulaire you flip through, from home stores to grocery retailers, you’re definitely going to find some Easter deals in each flyer on Kimbino. Retailers are already promoting their special offers so that you can plan ahead. Take a moment to browse our flyers and jot down where the best deals are on the items you will need to make your Easter celebration a success.

At Kimbino, you’ll find your favourite flyers packed with great deals on everything you need for the upcoming Easter holiday (and every day of the year!) , you have flyers from every category to choose your Easter (and every day) surprises. Always watch for deals because new prices and special deals are being offered every day. Hop to it—and let the Easter savings begin!

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Easter attractions from around the world

  • Easter attractions from around the world
    During Easter, people in the UK spend 10% of what they do on a whole year on chocolate products. The most sweets are sold here every year.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    Americans send out about 43 million Easter greetings to their family and friends each year - whether purchased or handmade.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    Residents of Bermuda fly hand-made kites every year on Good Friday.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    In Finland, children disguise themselves as witches and then walk the streets asking passers-by for eggs.
  • Easter attractions from around the world
    In Israel, where Jesus was allegedly crucified, people traditionally march on the same path that Jesus took on the day of the crucifixion.